Legal information

Privacy policy


The operator of the webshop on the surface of the Company name and the Store and in the course of its thereto related activity in connection with the handling of the User data shall obey Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the availability of public data; Act CXIX of 1995 on the handling of name and address data for the purpose of research and direct marketing; Act VI of 1998 on the protection of private individuals in the course of the automatic data management and shall apply the following data handle provisions.

Customers can view data stored about them at any time, can ask for the amendment or the deletion of their registration when they choose so. The usage of data for external purposes the is only possible with the personal approval and written consent of the customer.

Private data can only be viewed by the assigned staff of the operator of the webshop. Information provided during the registration is handled with utmost discretion and confidentiality, so that it can not be accessed by unauthorized parties. Personally identifiable information of customers can not be transferred to outside parties, except for trusted commercial partners who assist us with the trade transaction.

The operator of the webshop is obligated not to anyhow sanction a customer who is unwilling to provide optional data.

The operator of the webshop ensures that the handling of data acquired from customers in the course of the operation complies with Hungarian law in force.

Without the prior written consent of the operator of the webshop it is prohibited to anyway use, reproduce, alienate, circulate, adapt or store the content or part of the content of the websites. However the operator of the webshop allows the customer to store or print the content or the abstract of these websites for personal use.


It is possible that on the websites amendments are made beyond the range and without the intention of the operator, therefore – unless otherwise regulated by the law – the operator of the webshop does not take any kind of normal responsibility for the punctuality, reliability, actuality or content of the information, documentation, or any other written material accessible on the website by the user. 


The operator of the webshop maintains the right to anytime modify the websites and their services or to restrict or deny access to them. The operator of the webshop does not guarantee that the access to the websites will be continuous or flawless. The operator of the webshop can not be held responsible for the disadvantages or losses resulting from the information, documentation or other written material accessible on the websites, their direct or indirect use, the improper operation, or inoperability of the websites, or disadvantages or losses resulting from a possible malfunction, defect or ambiguity.


The operator of the webshop can not be held responsible for content created, forwarded, stored, published or made accessible by a third party and connected to or hyperlinked by the websites of the webshop. 


Some websites of the webshop can specify other regulations then the above mentioned in accordance with law in force, therefore the recognition and acceptance of the current regulations and terms of use are required before using the services of the webshop.


Regulations on consumers’ protection

  • 49/2003. (30.07.) Departmental order – signed by (the minister of) the Ministry of Economy and Transport - on the conduction of liability & warranty claims enforced by consumers’ contract: view
  • 17/1999. (05.02.): Governmental decree on contracts made between absentees: view
  • 370/2004. (26.12.) Governmental decree on contracts made with a consumer external to shop and (on) certain conditions of trading external to shop: view
  • 151/2003. (22.09.) Governmental decree on compulsory warranty covering certain durable consumer goods:151/2003. (22.09.) Governmental decree on compulsory warranty covering certain durable consumer goods: view

In case of products supplied with a warranty voucher, please turn to any of the repair shops listed on it, but we are also at your service with pleasure at all times.

Warranty & liability

Regarding the seller’s responsibility for warranty & liability, the details as stated in the Civil Code and the 49/2003. (30.07.) governmental decree are the guiding principles. In case of durable consumer goods the duration of warranty  is indicated on the warranty voucher.

Right to waive

According to paragraph (1) of section 4 of the 17/1999. (05.02.) governmental decree: “The consumer has the right to waive the purchase contract within eight workdays’ time without giving reasons.”

According to paragraph (2): “The consumer may have the right to waive from the day of receiving the goods, and in case of a service beginning with the day of making the contract, provided the seller has met his responsibilities for providing information concerning this.”

According to paragraph (5): “The seller is obliged to refund the full amount already paid by the consumer without delay, but not later than in 30 days following the consumer’s desire to waive.”

The consumer bears the expenses in connection with returning the product when exercising the right to waive. No other costs are to be covered by the consumer. The seller, however, may claim compensation for the damage caused by improper use of the product.”

Each customer possesses the right to waive within 8 workdays starting from the day of the purchase, which they can enforce with the following conditions:

  • The right to waive applies to every product that is unopened, or opened but is returned to us in complete original packing.
  • The right to waive does not apply to the product which becomes damaged after receipt.
  • The customer must enter his claim to waive by e-mail or in person.
  • If the customer returns the product by post or courier service, we will refund the amount to the bank account referred to by the customer within 5 days after the product has arrived at our shop.
  • The refund does not include delivery costs and the expenses related to returning the product, which are to be met by the customer.
  • If the customer has put the product into use, the webshop operator cannot repurchase it, so he will return the product at the buyer’s expense.
  • If the product turns out to be provably damaged after opening it in the presence of the courier, and the damage has evidently occurred before the receipt of the product, we ensure an 8 days’ guarantee of exchange for the product. In this case the customer can prove the fact of damage by an official record taken down by the courier.
  • If you wish to waive your order before delivery or within 8 days after delivery, and you have paid for the product by bank card via the Internet, the amount – after deducting the costs of the banking transaction - will be returned to your bank account.